So it’s Been a while. Well recently I decided to start my wordpress over. This time about things I find interesting, maybe some highlight about life or even mental health I don’t know exactly what I will post But i aim to be doing 2 to 3 posts a week with my main aim to have a post up every tuesday and friday, depending on what I have to post about Mainly it will likely be about things I feel Passionate about such as Animal care and Cooking.

Animals are a very big passion of mine, as I rescue and keep Mainly Goldfish I will be writing about that as well, But I do not limit myself to just fish, I love all kinds of animals so I will write about those as come to learn about them or to share what I already know about them That others may learn before they make deadly mistakes.

Another passion of mine is Cooking so  I aim to post some recipes up at least once a week. While I myself am a fruitarian, I will be posting up other Diet group recipes. So you will find Omnivorous recipes, Vegetarian recipes and Vegan Recipes listed under the cooking menu. While I do not eat meat for my own reasons, I do feel it a shame to waste the recipes I do know and have learned on my travels, from my time in the catering industry and from old family recipes. Who knows we might even find good ways to turn the ye old Family recipes into vegetarian and vegan friendly ones that will be just as enjoyable for all Diet groups to enjoy.
So while I myself do not eat meat and am never likely to do so, I know there are those folks out there who do, so until the whole world turns into some variant of Vegan it seems a waste to know these things and not share them.

Ground rules!

1: Diet group respect!

I warn you now, I do not tolerate the abuse  I have seen from Vegans inspired mostly by peta. and equally similar behaviours I see from SOME (not all) meat eating folks who go out of their way to be vile and offensive!
While I do love animals and would never choose to eat or harm them with other ethical options available now, I also do not agree with the human cruelty to other humans. We all have free will and a choice to make Do not judge another person for that choice! friendly constructive discussion is encouraged, But insults, posts designed to be offensive are NOT TOLERATED.

2: Be respectful of each other

As you can tell from above I am basically just asking everyone to be polite and helpful to each other. So No Trolling, No insulting, No Childish behaviour. Just be Friendly and polite to each other, and if you find you are disagreeing with each other, do that adult thing. Agree to disagree.
Basically No Trolling, Bullying or being vile to each other!

3: No Spamming

By this I mean I don’t want Bots here spamming links to other sites and such many of which maybe unsafe and full of computer virus. I do not mind people posting up links to HELPFUL sites or Videos or even their own sites, But Do not spam with it and tell why you are posting a link so we can understand why and understand the context of it. I also do not want to see anything that is animal, child or general abuse of other life forms on this planet or anything of a pornographic nature! we do not need or want  such graphic images, videos or websites here thank you.

4: Be disability and Mental health aware

Not everyone has grade A spelling and grammar. You have probably noticed by now I am not all that fabulous at it myself. This is because of a Learning disability called Dyslexia. this makes spelling, grammar and even reading an everyday struggle. So I do not want to be seeing people being little Grammar and spelling Tyrants it is not helpful and it is not constructive it is often bullying and will be considered trolling if I see it.
Also you never know what another person is feeling so an unkind word in the wrong place at the wrong time could have devastating effects on someone, so be mindful that someone else may have mental health battles we can not see and do not know about.
Another one that comes up from time to time is people with eye problems may also type in all caps. While on the internet this is seen as “shouting” and “rude” check first before assuming, it maybe they have a sight problem and typing in all caps makes it easier for them to read what they are typing.

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